The deregulation of cosmetology licenses is happening in Illinois now, take action!

Scottsdale, AZ (February 27, 2020) – The Professional Beauty Association (PBA), the largest and most inclusive national trade organization representing the professional beauty industry, has issued an action alert to oppose cosmetology deregulation in Illinois. PBA views this legislation as a detriment to consumer safety, and encourages action opposing this bill accordingly.

Illinois House Bill 5558, introduced by Representative Allen Skillicorn, will allow any individual to practice cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology, and barbering without a license.

Government Affairs Director Myra Reddy explains why this legislation is a detriment to the industry,

“Deregulation of occupational licensing for the professional beauty industry places both the consumer and those providing services at a real health risk. Occupational licensing of beauty professionals is not a barrier to work, instead the requirement of an education allows for lifelong stable career that cannot be outsourced and supports our U.S. economy.”

Mya Reddy, Government Affairs Director

To take action:

Illinois residents can click on the below link via the Professional Beauty Association to send an email to these officials with one click:

Additional questions can be directed to Myra Reddy, Government Affairs Director at Professional Beauty Association, or Erin Walter, Brand Manager at Professional Beauty Association,